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The SCAP-On-Apple Open Source Project engages and empowers the SCAP community to strengthen the awareness, knowledge and collaboration on SCAP Content, Tools and Solutions with authoritative data for the Apple Platforms (OSX and iOS).


Managing patches and secure configurations of a large number of enterprise systems, while ensuring each one is compliant with security requirements, has become a daunting task for IT. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is leading the charge in defining the standards, developing the specifications, and guiding vendors in developing SCAP content and deploying compliant tools for all platforms.

Guide to Adopting and Using the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) Versions 1.2 (DRAFT)

Special Publication 800-117 Revision 1 (DRAFT),


This Project's goal is to augment the existing SCAP Community efforts by focusing exclusively on relevant information for OSX and iOS. To facilitate the SCAP Community, the project will provide the following services hosted here under :

• Blog for timely announcements and updates
• Wiki for Information & Documentation
• Source Repository for Source Repository hosting and versioning
Downloads for Profiles, Feeds, Installers, etc.
• Mailing Lists for community sharing
Ticketing System for defects and enhancement submission and tracking

Bug / Enhancement Ticket System

The Project Team encourages all participants to fully utilize the Ticketing System to identify, submit, and track defects and enhancement requests against all content (wiki, documentation, tools, source code, etc.) maintained by this project.

Contact Us

If you have a need to contact us, please use one of the following appropriate email addresses:

• scap-contact@… - for general questions or contact.
• scap-admin@… - for Project Administration.

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The SCAP-On-Apple Team